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Denis Glazer

Certified Massage Therapist, CA CMT License 40696

I have not always wanted to be a massage therapist. I do not remember everything but I do remember that when I was a child, maybe 4 years old, my father came home one night with our neighbor Vlad. My mother was a pharmacist and our neighbor was hoping to get some medication from her because he was suffering from a toothache. My brother and I were playing in the other room, and while our mother was searching for the medication Vlad came over to us to say hello. I do not recall how, but I understood that he was in pain. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me that his tooth was hurting, and bent down to show me which one. At that time I placed my hand over his cheek and willed the pain to go away. In the next 20 seconds or so his expression changed from apprehensive and in pain to relieved and apprehensive. The pain was gone, and Vlad, without any medication, headed home. As for me, the next morning I awoke with a headache. The headache persisted the entire week.

Several years after that incident, I was enrolled in a Sports Academy. It is evident that where there are sports, there are traumas, and where there are traumas, there is massage. Anyone who is an athlete knows this. There, in that Academy I discovered the art of massage. As the years past, I moved on from the Academy but my passion for massage remained. I started to develop my technique, and took lessons from renowned specialists but I must admit that the majority of my clients were professional athletes. The focus of my work was prevention of and treatment of athletic injury. At that point in time my focus was narrow and I did not realize that there were other types of people who needed and wanted massage therapy. This other group of people consisted of many different walks of life and had professions that were not at all related to sports. People that are required to sit in front of the computer 5 days a week, or those who do intricate manipulations in uncomfortable positions such as dental work, more about this later.

Towards the end of my career in Ukraine, I was working at the most elite and prestigious, as well as largest European fitness facility, Aquarium Fitness Centre, which catered to celebrities, sportsmen and Olympic champions, businessmen and proprietors.

As the winds of change began to blow, I found myself across oceans, in a foreign country and so my journey in San Francisco started. My educational goal in America was to create a compromise of sport massage and other modalities such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Vibrational, Reflexology, and Cranial-Sacral Balancing. Many years of practice allowed to me to create my own, irreproducible style of massage. This unique style is especially beneficial to those who suffer from nagging and chronic muscle aches, physical overload and stress. I believe that the human body is a sort of machine, and just like any other machine is subject to wear and tear. The best way to slow down this process is to take care of the machine, in this case by massage. Getting appropriate and regular massages is beneficial and necessary to maintaining the durability of our machines.

There is a large variety of massage types and often clients try out several massage therapists until they find one that suits them best. In my opinion each client requires an individual approach. In some modalities it is essential that that the massage therapist is in tune with the needs of the client and must truly want to help the clients in order for the massage to be beneficial. If for some reason the massage therapist and the client do not click, the massage can cause more harm than benefit.

Like any other person, I can talk about myself for hours, but to keep the story short I will tell you the following: I, from the depth of my heart, always want to help my clients, I always do everything in my power to make sure that my patients feel better and I always leave my patients in good spirit and with a renewed charge of energy.