Mobile Massage

Choose a Massage That Fits You Browse our different massage types and find one that fits your situation. We offer mobile table or chair massages (perfect for any office setting), relaxation massages, maternity massages and more!
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May we recommend...

Relaxation Massage - a light to medium pressure massage, good for relieving stress.
Deep Tissue Massage - medium to deep pressure massage that relieves muscle tension; good for chronic and overuse injuries.
Sports Massage - improves range of motion and flexibility while reducing risk of injury and recovery time. Customized pre- and post- event massage improves performance.
Maternity Massage - relieves discomfort, reduces fatigue and enhances sleep.
Chair Massage - decreases repetitive stress symptoms.Enjoy at your next corporate or charity event! Ideal for events with limited space.
Warm Stone Massage - light to medium pressure massage that increases circulation, warms muscles and relieves stress, stiffness, and chronic pain.